Why Post a Post?


What is post? How do post? Why is post worth posting? Latter, lacking answer for post-dated time, post-dating posting a post. This is THIS post!

Posts is data! Posts is everywhere! Posts is what we make it! Create post, edit post, share post or delete post hoping no-ones posted on your post about posts!

In conclusion, posts ARE posts! Who posts the most? I’ll keep you posted in the next post!

Post out!

Rocksmith Rips Alive and Thriving!


So my Youtube channel got taken down (thanks copyright) but facebook, bittubers and now a 400GB torrent filled with 1300 tracks for lead, rhythm and bass guitars is going strong! All you need is a torrent client and this magic link!


You can selectively download whatever songs you like! 1080p60fps recordings, and only more to come! take it easy friends and rock on! \m/


my new video explaining the difficulties im encountering! coughcoughCOPYRIGHTcough

So YEA, I started a new channel, which began as my own personal experiment in guitar learning efficiency, I quickly realized if it works for me, it can work for everyone, fuck it lets share it! I have been uploading like a madman and trying to edit metadata, and record the videos and the this and the that! Everything was going great untill yesterday I got 2 back to back copyright strikes and am actually surprised i made it another 24 hours without a 3rd! Regardless Either the channel has to not sustain another strike before feb, or byebye birdy!

The channels also receiving a lot of traffic, and Im sure the growth will only continue on its ridiculous trajectory if I could keep up with my 30+ uploads a day, however I dont want to just step on another copyright landmine and lose it all so, DILEMMA! So my temporary solution is to decentralize to facebook,d.tube,and bittubers and hopefully that can stay alive long enough to enact….THE FINAL SOLUTION…..Im still working out the details though=D

Other than that things are looking up! Started a discussion group and more and more people are showing interest! Our last meeting ended up with a +1 from the place we met at, who actually worked there and chatted with us on their break, was so interesting to watch it unfold and hear their ideas! We also did another trom-cast, this time on conspiracy theories which you can check out here! Fuck I miss you guys! =]

I’m Back!


Had to catch up on a lot of things but finally getting everything back on track! I really want this website to have a functional use and just trying to pre-plan that and account for caveats, slow me down! Now were on the other side! SO lots of good stuff comin!

The biggest news I have is for my new Rocksmith Rips Undertaking! what the hell is a rocksmith? Well it’s a game that teaches you guitar, very effectively, but you need to own the game, own the proprietary cord and deal with menus crashing…..NO MORE. At first it was just going to be a faster way for me to practice, but then I realized that can apply to anyone,anytime! So you take a games requirements,and reduce them to an MP4! Sure you lose “dynamic difficulty”but thats only useful for very early starting off, or hey if thats worth a 40 dollar usb cord to you, go for it! THE MUSIC IS WORTH IT! Anyways Ill leave you with a link to the new channel and ill have some media and other stuff coming up soon! =]

Example, grab your guitar and play along, free tabs in the BEST way!

TROM-Cast 30 and update!

Talkin bout dem social credits!

Another great tromcast we did today on social credits, it’s a pretty interesting topic, interesting, but NO BUENO!

But wow so much has changed! I’m in a much better headspace now, no thanks to Beat Saber! Theres no time to smoke, or skip leg and arm day, ONLY ZUUL. No but seriously it’s intense and I should have some recordings I’m not totally embarrassed by soon! =D I hit My first top 200 (135) score for a song, I missed a full combo by 1 or 2 swings in like the last 15 seconds, but I can totally do it! Tomorrow though when I can feel my limbs again!

Anyways changed the background to be a lot less rapey on the eyes, and I’m sorry but whatever this background is.. I LOOOOVE it! I’ve got to do so much cool shit, started my own herb garden and am working with some guy to try and help him build a virtual pinball table! These things look fucking nifty!

Virtual pinball is basically a glorified multiscreen computer!

But yea this headset is really giving me a new lease on life, it’s hard to believe but it’s so fucking engaging! And then PLUS a new rhythm game….ANNNND LIGHTSABERS?! How could you RESIST! IF anything I’ll end up dying from too much cardio, and i cant even imagine doing some of the songs I’ve seen on Expert+….but I did think the same about expert not a week ago! Anyways theres a new player on the block, and hes COMMIN FO YAH SCORES!

Expert + Ghost notes