Shrooms: A Personal Drug-umentary!

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Holy fuck todays the days boys and girls and its done to the wire with just 14 hours to have it rendered and uploaded for the premiere tonight! I spent all night scrubbing audio and testing music to make sure I dont run into a major youtube shitstorm down the road haha! But WOW working on this all night, not forced but EAGER!

it doesnt look like much but I’ve put over 25 hours into editing alone!

What a journey the past 3 months have been, I havent accomplished all my goals I wanted to, really I just want to change my current living situation, but other than that everything is done or well on the way there! This shroom trip really changed my life for the better, and its not to say it’ll do that for everyone as set (your mind) and setting (the place) should be taken into account to set yourself up for the best results!

I’m eating better, I’m feeling better, the biggest shift is my personality, and not that im different per-say, but just much more open and carefree then I would have been! Hell instead of paralyzing myself with “what if’s” , I just ask or address the situation how im feeling, and by golly gee would you look at that, you get somewhere!

A preview of my creation!

Tonight will be the official premiere and I will get to watch it with a bunch of my friends who are also excited, but theres really only one persons opinion on this doc thats relevant to me currently, and thats the guy whos basically the inspiration for all these videos and who I was trying to share with, not because we are the closest mr Spain boy, but because you are pivotal of why and how I got here in the first place and now its PAYBACK TIME… or rather, its mo’fuggin TEA time TIO!! =D

The Drug-umentary in its entirety!