I’m Back!

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Had to catch up on a lot of things but finally getting everything back on track! I really want this website to have a functional use and just trying to pre-plan that and account for caveats, slow me down! Now were on the other side! SO lots of good stuff comin!

The biggest news I have is for my new Rocksmith Rips Undertaking! what the hell is a rocksmith? Well it’s a game that teaches you guitar, very effectively, but you need to own the game, own the proprietary cord and deal with menus crashing…..NO MORE. At first it was just going to be a faster way for me to practice, but then I realized that can apply to anyone,anytime! So you take a games requirements,and reduce them to an MP4! Sure you lose “dynamic difficulty”but thats only useful for very early starting off, or hey if thats worth a 40 dollar usb cord to you, go for it! THE MUSIC IS WORTH IT! Anyways Ill leave you with a link to the new channel and ill have some media and other stuff coming up soon! =]

Example, grab your guitar and play along, free tabs in the BEST way!