New bittube features and airshare!


This project is really excited me, so ambitious yet progression is being made! This week they’ve launched the ability to stake tubes for greater rewards as well as launched an open sourced file sharing protocol called airshare based on the webtorrent portocol! All very exciting things I KNOW! =]

Another update my claim on fling cast 2 was denied and the video pulled from youtube. no strike this time but the flaws of the system are all there. man on stage waves hands is now enough to claim copyright and pull an entire video from site, regardless of how relevant the content. Humanity will be pushed to it’s breaking point when even it’s basic impulses like sharing, are denied.

Cool-Dool Content Coming!

Time to get started

Really this is just a test to see how well some things work and develop my skills making websites and crap. Anyways worked on a lot of videos today came up with what I hope turns out to be some fucking cool ideas! The rocksmith one sounds promising, and marking a year and a half since I started practicing, although way more heavy towards the beginning and ends haha! Now I’m hooked though, I can make amazing sounds on the guitar, and sometimes they even sound good! :]