Still Alive!


Just catching up with a bunch of housekeeping trying to prep to save time in the future! It is both stressful overwhelming and great to be working on so many things but most of all rewarding! I am thinking of hopefully doing th podcast on Friday , even if it’s shorter! I just want it to be GOOD! Anyways uploaded and worked on more TROM videos up on both and as well as adding end cards on all troms past videos!

Sit tight, im still playing guitar everyday and cranking out some sounds! I will eventually be doing them live and am considering multiple song uploads (as youtube or twitch should timestamp “copyrighted” sections!) I will have a better idea on where everything is ultimately headed in a few months but until then Imma be bustin my ass! =]

Cool-Dool Content Coming!

Time to get started

Really this is just a test to see how well some things work and develop my skills making websites and crap. Anyways worked on a lot of videos today came up with what I hope turns out to be some fucking cool ideas! The rocksmith one sounds promising, and marking a year and a half since I started practicing, although way more heavy towards the beginning and ends haha! Now I’m hooked though, I can make amazing sounds on the guitar, and sometimes they even sound good! :]