Fling-Cast 2 Will be happening every second Friday until I can get into the groove!

working on moving a bunhc of my computer stuff over to linux as the time is no better than now! I am absolutley delighted to be doing fling-cast and of course theres some imprtant topics this week like the mueller report! holy FUCK lol Anyways, MCC wil continue as wil the other stuff and Spain in less than 2 weeks! Lifes getting CRAY! =D

FLING CAST 2 GOT COPYRIGHT CLAIMED BECAUSE OF A SOUNDLESS TED-TALK. This is EXACTLY why I’m doing what I’m doing this is fucking nonsense. Ill say it till the cows come home. FUCK. COPYRIGHT.

Click above to go to the bit.tube link while youtube is in dispute!

TROM End Cards And Plans!

Finished updating all TROM’s video on the YT channel with tags and end cards, should help make them more discoverable and keep people in the TROM ecosystem! Of course all updates and,videos and tools can be found at TROM HQ AKA www.tromsite.com .

As for the fling-Cast (believe me I would like to make a better name!) I am thinking Friday , and am coming up with some more ideas to enact!