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my new video explaining the difficulties im encountering! coughcoughCOPYRIGHTcough

So YEA, I started a new channel, which began as my own personal experiment in guitar learning efficiency, I quickly realized if it works for me, it can work for everyone, fuck it lets share it! I have been uploading like a madman and trying to edit metadata, and record the videos and the this and the that! Everything was going great untill yesterday I got 2 back to back copyright strikes and am actually surprised i made it another 24 hours without a 3rd! Regardless Either the channel has to not sustain another strike before feb, or byebye birdy!

The channels also receiving a lot of traffic, and Im sure the growth will only continue on its ridiculous trajectory if I could keep up with my 30+ uploads a day, however I dont want to just step on another copyright landmine and lose it all so, DILEMMA! So my temporary solution is to decentralize to facebook,,and bittubers and hopefully that can stay alive long enough to enact….THE FINAL SOLUTION…..Im still working out the details though=D

Other than that things are looking up! Started a discussion group and more and more people are showing interest! Our last meeting ended up with a +1 from the place we met at, who actually worked there and chatted with us on their break, was so interesting to watch it unfold and hear their ideas! We also did another trom-cast, this time on conspiracy theories which you can check out here! Fuck I miss you guys! =]